Pink Boot Camp is a 4 week training program designed to teach you the foundational skills of a Mary Kay business.  It is composed of 4 live training sessions that take place at our weekly success event.  We also have compiled short videos you will find at the bottom of this page that will provide additional training. After completing these trainings you will feel 100% confident and equipped to make your Mary Kay business all that you want it to be! 

Meetings are held on Monday Nights at 7pm
The Beautique
1138 Satellite Blvd.
Suite 100
Suwanee, GA 30024

Hostess Packet Updated 9/2014
Linda Toupin's Skin Care Party Script Updated 9/2014
Power Start Tracking Sheet
Power Start Script
Weekly Plan Sheet
Hostess Program - $100 Free to Party With Me
Foundation Conversion Chart
Foundation Undertone Chart
Skin Care Party Tray Insert
Mary Kay Image
Business Tracking Register
Skin Care Class Packing List
Outside Order Sheet
Hostess Packet Contest List
Coaching Sheet
Team Building Layering Chart
Advance Brochure
Star Consultant Program

How to Put Together Your Glamour Kit
Keys to Color
Eye Shape Chart
Shaping Your Eye Brows Correctly
Concealer Conversion Chart
Glamour Specials Sheet Side 1
Glamour Specials Sheet Side 2

Session 1 - Welcome to Mary Kay
Session 2 - Basic Product Knowledge
Session 3 - Foundations
Session 4 - Organizing Your Business
Session 5 - Booking
Session 6 - Coaching & PreProfiling
Session 7 - Open & Close
Session 8 - Weekly Accomplishment Sheet (WAS) & Preferred Customer Program (PCP)
Session 9 - Money Management
Session 10 - Star Consultant Program
Session 11 - Overcoming Objections
Session 12 - Moving Up